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    Post by Ralend on Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:15 am

    The Do’s and Don’ts of tech buying!

    1. Buy in this order: 4.5, 10, 10, 5 ,10, 10, 0.5
    It is the most cost efficient.

    2. Buy and hold no more than 50tech. 50tech is the maximum you should have. Tech will cost more as you buy more. Otherwise, you will lose your profits in the process.

    3. If you can, try to get the resource, the bonus resource Microchips and improvements UNIVERSITIES. It will further cut costs of purchasing tech.

    4. Be punctual and courteous to the tech client/buyer. Customer satisfaction will get you a Tech Deal Renewal in most cases. Getting regular customers is a priceless asset.

    1. DO NOT OVERSPEND. This can never be emphasized enough. Do the math.
    If you do not have gold, chips or universities, DO NOT spend more than $1.3million. This is because 50tech will cost you about $850,000. 100tech will cost you about $1.7million.

    Spend $1.3m or slightly less. Buy the 1st 50tech. Hold the rest of the $850k until 10 days later when you buy the 2nd 50tech, after you have sent out the 1st batch of tech.

    The situation will be slightly different if you have more than 1 tech customer. Do the math yourself. It is simple.

    2. Do not go to war. If you lose the tech or cash reserves during war, you are gonna screw up the tech deal, your own nation growth and Pyramid.

    3. Do not try to run away with the money. You will be hunted down.

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