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    Labor Camps Empty Labor Camps

    Post by Ralend on Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:36 pm

    What is LC-Swapping?

    To replace 5 of your cheapest and least important improvements with 5 Labour Camps.

    Labor Camp - $150,000.00 - Reduces infrastructure upkeep costs -10%, reduces population happiness -1.

    Why should I LC-Swap?

    To enjoy the benefits of 50% less upkeep costs, and not suffer from the -5 happiness condition and minimize the cost of repeatedly changing improvements.

    You'll get the same income but only paying almost half the upkeep (since much of it is due to infra upkeep).

    It also allows you to save up more efficiently to buy Wonders and to Infra Jump.

    What is the criteria to benefit from LC-Swapping?

    I'm not sure of the exact time to do so. I started at 3999 infra level. I believe at 2999 infra level you can already do so (but have to do alot longer for it to be economical: > 10days)

    What is the goal of LC-Swapping?

    To stay in LC-Swap mode as long as possible. The longer you stay in LC-Swap mode, the more efficient in maximizing your income collection and minimizing your bill payments.

    Always try to aim for a duration of at least 10days.

    How to LC-Swap?

    1. Make sure you have cash reserves to begin with. Save up enough to last for the duration of the LC-Swap (you'll need to pay you bills everyday) and to buy back your previous income improvements after LC-swap.

    LC-Swap will half your infra upkeep, so your LC-Swap bills will be slightly above half of your usual bills. The rough equation for the amount of reserves is:

    (Amt of daily bills)/2 x (no. of days to LC-swap) + Extra 1 to 3 days of daily bills = Total amt of reserves required

    So if you pay $2m of bills daily and intend to LC-Swap for 10 days, you'll need at about $14m worth of reserves.

    The smaller you are, the more Extras you'll need to buy back the improvements you previously destroyed.

    If you have not paid you bills for more than 2 days, you cannot buy back your previous improvements. You will lose alot of potential income if that is the case. Therefore always have Extras.

    2. Destroy 5 of your cheapest and least important improvements. Usually they are the Intelligence Agencies and/or Churches. Then build your 5 Labour Camps.

    3. Pay your bills everyday.

    4. Once your duration is up or reserves are low, destroy the 5 Labour Camps. Buy back the previous improvements.

    5. Collect your taxes.

    6. Repeat the whole process again.

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