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    Improvement Guide


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    Improvement Guide Empty Improvement Guide

    Post by Ralend on Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:25 pm

    Improvement Guide

    a. Basic improvement order - # you should purchase

    Harbour - 1
    Foreign Ministry - 1
    Bank - 5
    Factory - 5
    Stadium - 2
    School - 3
    University - 2
    Stadium - 2
    School - 2
    Clinic - 2
    Hospital - 1
    ***Police Headquarters - 5
    Clinic - 3
    **Church - 5
    Intelligence Agency - 5
    Labour Camp - 5

    *Get a Stadium if the citizens are making less than $85 of gross income.
    **Intel Agencies and Churches are pretty much the same, the order doesn't matter.
    ***You may buy Labour Camps before the Police HQ if you don't want to do improvement swapping. (props to Deathangel)

    If your nation receives a lot of aid, Factories are a better choice for the 2nd to 6th improvements than Banks and Stadiums.

    I know many won't agree with me about getting Banks before Factories, but the deal is: Banks are better than Factories, while Factories give a -8% infra cost reduction, Banks give a +7% total income, considering that smaller nations have to buy other things besides infra, besides that, you have to pay bills, unless your bills correspond to less than 15% of your gross income, banks are the way to go.

    b. Improvement Swapping

    Some of you may not have heard of this wonderful little strategy, when your infra bills reach roughly $500,000, you can replace 5 improvements with 5 Labour Camps, they will decrease your infra bills by about 45%, make sure that you have enough money for 5 days of bills and enough money to re-buy 5 of the improvements you destroyed . 5 days later, pay your bills, destroy your Labour Camps, buy the Improvements you replaced and collect 5 days worth of income. There you go, you saved about $800,000.

    When you have all the worthwhile improvements, get rid of your Labour Camps to collect and buy them again to pay bills, once every 2 or more days, be careful, you can't stay more than 2 days without paying bills, otherwise you won't be able to buy Labour Camps, resulting in loss of money.

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