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    How this works Empty How this works

    Post by Ralend on Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:34 pm

    In this thread, alliances can post information about themselves for nations interested to see either what these alliances are about, or contact information so that they may join. I have, however, locked this thread. I have done so that EVERY alliance can post their information without fear of defamation.

    To get your info up:

    Mail me with "Alliance Info" as title. In the mail, copy whatever you want me to put up about your alliance. Or, if you would rather, mail me a link, like googledocs, and I will emulate it as best the forum allows.

    Charter, mission statement, contact info, ect. is welcome. It can be long or short but please remember that if you are using this to gain membership, perhaps less is more. Also, please keep it under 15,000 characters (including spaces) if you do decide to go long.

    What is not allowed in this thread is trolling or mention of other alliances in negative ways. For example, if the reason you alliance exists is to destroy another alliance, well you best leave that part out because I am not posting it.

    The thread is read only for users and threads are posted by me, so be sure give me descent contact information so I wont be bombarded by PMs asking me about your alliance.

    If you want me to add pictures in the thread, like alliance flags, add a link to them in the PM and instructions on where to place them. I will do my best.

    If anything in the thread needs to be changed, simply PM me with "Alliance Info" as a header, and I will also do my best to have it up as soon as possible.

    And lastly, I will post threads via first come, first serve fashion. So no, I will not move your thread above another alliance's thread.

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