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    Vox Populi


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    Post by Ralend on Sun Dec 21, 2008 3:50 pm

    Gatherum wrote:
    Cyber Nations Alliance Affiliation: Vox Populi
    Founded: January 1, 2008 (First); August 13, 2008 (Second/Current)
    Total Affiliated Nations: 25 (Excluding an unknown amount of Secret Members)
    Total Active Nations: 14 (56%)
    Total Nation Strength: 151,146
    Average Nation Strength: 6,046
    Score: 0.80
    Supported Senate Candidate: brass of Banlovit (Federation of Armed Nations)


    Vox Populi Vox7-2

    Current Senate

    • Doitzel [Senate Leader]
    • Moridin
    • Gatherum
    • Starfox101
    • Nintenderek

    Current International Relations

    The Pocahontas Accords (Mutual Defense and Intelligence Bloc)

    • Federation of Armed Nations
    • Overclockers UK
    • Vox Populi

    Former International Relations

    HeroesofGaming (Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact) [Cancelled by HeroesofGaming]
    Redminions (Protectorate) [Redminions Defunct]

    Current Hostilities

    Official Declarations

    • Grand Global Alliance [Offensive]
    • Valhalla [Offensive]
    • Orange Defense Network [Defensive]
    • Old Guard [Defensive]

    Other Known Involved Belligerents

    • New Pacific Order [Offensive]
    • Independent Republic of Orange Nations [Defensive]
    • The German Empire [Defensive]
    • The Righteous Fist [Defensive]
    • The Legend of the Einherjar [Defensive]
    • Tempest [Defensive]
    • Nebula-X [Defensive]


    Vox Populi is a Revolutionary Movement and re-emergence of a past alliance of the same name formerly of the Red Sphere; currently established on the Yellow Sphere in support of the Federation of Armed Nations. Emerging during the War of the Coalition, it was the fastest-growing alliance of 2008, as well as the fastest-growing in Digiterran History, obtaining over 200 members and just under 12.00 score in less than one month. Vox Populi is notable for being the only alliance to have ever successfully broken the New Pacific Order's Moldavi Doctrine by raising kingzog to the Red Team Senate. Formerly an Anarchist Collective with little more intent than to commit a suicide run upon the alliances that it had declared war upon, it has since adopted both a Charter and Government for better management, due to the influx of new members. It is for various actions during the war and since that it is at war with many of the larger powers of the International Community.

    Charter of Vox Populi

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