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    What it means for you Empty What it means for you

    Post by Ralend on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:10 pm

    Here at Free Yellow Trade (FYT) you are welcome to post and browse other trade requests, create a yellow orientated trade circle, tech deal, and talk directly with other team members. Also, there is an alliance thread that you may make use of, to post a summary of your own alliance. If you are running for senate, we even have a thread where you can "stump." Above all else, this is a place where you can meet other yellow team members, build your nations, and in the process, a few friendships too.

    Here are more detailed specifics:

    1. Each member can post as much or as little as they want. There are no activity demands.

    2. A member may remain anonymous. All that is required is registering with an email address and password to keep track of would be spammers and security for forum users.

    3. CN politics do not apply here. If your nation is at war with another yellow nation, you can refuse to trade with them, but keep your problems outside the forum or keep them in the “Rants” thread.

    4. Sanctioned? no problem! You may still use the forum. Good luck finding a trade partner though, unless the sanction is unfounded, in which case, yellow nations can decide for themselves. FYT has no opinion.

    5. Tech deals are permitted and encouraged here. Beware however, there is a special place in CN hell for Tech Rippers, and that place is in the thread of the same name.

    6. Senate Election stumping! A place to state your case!

    7. Alliance recruitment has its own thread so you can recruit straight from yellow! Also, this thread is read only, so no trolling allowed. Just send your request to me or a moderator and we’ll post it up for you.

    8. Want to rant, spam, create untold amount of drama, or just make an ass out of yourself? Well, this is the place. The Rant thread is more of less unmediated. The Trolling thread is completely unmediated. If you don’t like that, then you don’t have to visit it. Keep it there though.

    9. Banning is never permanent. Our reasoning for this? Your growth = Yellow growth. Banning is tiered however, so be mindful of that. Post in the appropriate forum and you won’t have to worry about that.

    10. Finally, this is a place where a yellow nation can go to do yellow team things without having to sift through the mess of other team’s.

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