To promote the free trade and growth of the Yellow Sphere.

    Why we are here.


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    Why we are here. Empty Why we are here.

    Post by Ralend on Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:26 pm

    I started my nation as Neutral, like so many others who knew little about the game, and a Yellow Alliance recruited me. So, I switched to yellow and started to learn the game. The more I learned, the more I understood Yellow has been in trouble of late. Political turmoil, internal unrest, inactivity, stagnant or negative growth, and an assortment of other problems have caused this Sphere to become the smallest in Cyber Nations.

    My alliance had a mission statement: to grow and restabilize the yellow sphere. It was a lofty goal, and I was into it. I worked with them but while I grew, my ideals outpaced their goals. I came to a realization:

    • The future prosperity of all yellow nations is interdependent on the prosperity of the team as a whole
    • To respect the rights and privileges of all yellow nations and alliances to self determination, common ground had to be found
    • Hostilities against a yellow team nation or alliance is detrimental for our own mutual growth and well being

    To these ends I decided to establish, organize, and sponsor a free trading bloc with all yellow nations.

    Why a free trading bloc? Because while I have no power the prevent hostilities amongst yellow nations and alliance, I can influence and promote their ability for growth. Growth is what Yellow Team needs the most. But growth is a double edged sword. The growth of one nation or alliance can be politically detrimental to another nation's or alliance's growth. So, as to be fair and to respect self determination, it shall be this trading bloc's policy for free and open trade with ALL yellow nations. While this market may be sponsored by alliances, it shall not advertise one alliance over another. And finally, in respect to hostilities among fellow yellow nations, this market formally condones all intra-yellow conflict but shall not take sides in said conflict.

    It is my hope that this market can bring together a struggling sphere for mutual prosperity for all its members.

    o/ Yellow

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